Teaching Qualifications

Teaching for American Studies:

To teach in American Studies, faculty must hold Ph.D.s or terminal degrees. Exceptions may be made for practitioners, such as archivists, curators, and/or instructional technology, who are experts in applied fields.

American Studies recognizes that the employment of part-time and temporary faculty has recently increased dramatically.  Although adjunct appointments can add significant dimensions to curricula and some individuals prefer adjunct appointments because of other commitments, the practice of hiring numerous adjunct faculty members year after year undermines professional and educational standards and academic freedom.* Thus, American Studies at Stockton offers a limited number of adjunct appointments. Additional resources for adjuncts at Stockton can be found here.

Core courses in American Studies are assigned exclusively to Stockton’s American Studies faculty. We encourage all American Studies faculty to teach BOTH electives and also core courses.

*Note that this policy is based on a modification of the guidelines adopted by the American Studies Association, the Modern Language Association, and the American Historical Association. For details, see Modern Language Association, “MLA Statement on the Use of Part-Time and Full-Time Adjunct Faculty,” The MLA Guide to the Job Search: A Handbook for Departments and for PhDs and PhD Candidates in English and Foreign Languages, English Showalter, et al. (New York: The Modern Language Association, 1996) 138-9 and American Historical Association, “Guidelines for the Employment of Part-Time and Temporary Faculty in History, “Perspectives, Nov. 1998.