Joining the American Studies Faculty

American Studies Faculty are generally trained Americanists and/or comparative studies scholars. American Studies Faculty are encouraged to publish in the field of American Studies and expected to perform service for the program.

American Studies Faculty teach core classes and/or electives for the program and should serve as thesis chairs for those writing theses and doing independent study projects in MAAS. The Director of the program should also be drawn from among this cohort.

To affiliate, send the director your CV and a brief note about how your teaching, service, and/or research contribute to American Studies. Decisions about affiliation will be made by the program.

Applying to Teaching in American Studies

Proposals for American Studies electives are reviewed two to three times a year (generally in September, November, and March). To apply to teach a course elective, submit an application to the director of the American Studies program. For a form to apply to teach an elective, click here.

Anticipated Student Workload: Weekly readings should be a step above an upper-level undergraduate seminar at Stockton.  This might include an extra chapter/article or two per week. In some classes, students might be asked to read a book a week. When this is the case, students should be given guidelines outlining the sections they should focus on. Required reading ranges from two or three articles to 150-200 pages per week.

Students should be encouraged to write regularly in each graduate class. Writing should consist both of low-stakes response papers and higher-stakes research projects. American Studies especially encourages projects that draw on interdisciplinary approaches and methods.

Attendance: Most American Studies faculty do not permit students to miss more than two classes without penalty. Students who observe religious holidays are absent from class for valid reasons. Students have an obligation to notify the instructor within the first three weeks of the semester if any class session will be missed due to religious observance and to make up their work and attend alternative class hours, if such are available. Students should plan to use their “free” absences to accommodate missing classes for religious observance.